Hiring a car in Uganda for a safari not an easy task as it involves a number of things including choosing not only the best car but also the best, reliable, trustworthy Car Rental Company to deal with. To be on the safer side visitors intending to rent a car in Uganda for a road trip, a number of questions should be put into consideration as they will guide you appropriately while making a booking. They include;

How should I book a car hire?

Car rentals for safaris in Uganda or Rwanda can be booked online by simply visiting our website or get to our office to make booking arrangement with our reservationist. Online, you can be time effective as it takes you a short time to fill in the contact form-that is car or services you require and our consultants will get back to you as soon as possible.

What are different modes of payments?

We do accept both cash and money transfer as mode of payment for visitors desiring our car rental services. After you have confirmed booking, you can effect payment via our pesapal account or to our bank account as we shall give you the details.

What is the age limit?

To hire a car for a safari in Uganda, you should be at least 24 years and not beyond 70 years. Teenagers are not allowed to drive in Uganda.

Is it okay to make a deposit?

Yes, it is possible for you to make deposit and complete the balance afterwards. Any visitor desiring to use our car rental services can make 30 percent deposit however, at times, we do not accept deposit especially if you need a car a week or few days to pick up. Preferably, better to make complete amount at once. Note, the balance must be complete prior pick up date because that is when you will be handed over the car keys.

What kind of gear transmission do cars use?

We have a wide range of car rentals right from automatic to manual transmission options. And depending on your travel needs, we have comfortable sedans, mini vans, land cruisers, extended land cruisers, Toyota Rav4s, coasters to mention but a few.

What documents do I need in order to drive a car rental in Uganda?

In order for you to be allowed to drive a car rental in Uganda, you need a valid driver permit or license as well as a valid passport, country ID plus other relevant travel document. You will be required to make photocopies of your travel documents that will remain in the office and originals should be presented first.

What else is included in car rental?

Our car rentals come with GPS, guide books, travel magazines, free boxes of bottled water, travel map, meaning visitors on self-drive are covered too.

What are the charges?

Our car rentals are based on unlimited mileage which gets you that total freedom to drive to any part of the country provided it is within the Uganda’s borders. At times, we allow cross border journeys meaning, issue about kilometers shouldn’t be a worry. Our car rentals are all within visitors’ pocket range.

Where can I pick up or deliver a car after?

Our car rentals can be picket at the office or we can deliver it to your hotel or area of residence at no additional charge. But we can charge for any additional fuel fee for delivering it to you outside town. We drop a car at the Entebbe airport or agreed pick up point.

How much is it to hire a driver guide in Uganda?

We have very experienced and professional driver guides who can take you to that dream destination. You can hire one at $40 each day. 

What can I do in case of breakdown or accident?

In case of breakdown or accident, we are reliable 24/7 and emergency numbers shall be provided to you.

Do I need insurance?

Our car rentals are insured but you may need to insure yourself.

Is it okay to tip a driver and how much should it be?

Yes, tipping a driver guide is not a must do thing but it is one way to say thanks for the good service. The amount is not fixed but you can tip at least $10-$50.

 Is okay to use additional driver on road trip?

In case of any need to relax your muscles, it is a good idea to give a chance to a friend or family member to take over a bit especially while on a self drive but it can also be risky as it can come with traffic penalties. If you are assigned a driver guide, better you go by him.

What are the conditions for hiring a car for self-drive tour?

A self drive tour is best way to adventure Uganda. However, different Car Rental Company has its set terms and conditions for self-drive tours and must be observed if you are to have enjoyable road trip in Uganda.

How much are camping gear?

For any need to embark on camping tour, we have the best camping gear to make your dream come true in Uganda. We have the best camping tents, small mattresses, cooking gas, kitchen utensils and others for hire and you have the best of your wilderness experience in Uganda.

Are there special offers?

Our car rentals come with some discount offers especially for visitors planning to hire our cars for long term or our return clients.