Being a solo female traveler is one of the risky ventures anyone can ever undertake and thus females have to be more prepares than men on a safari. You will encounter several beautiful moments as well as challenges but all you need is tips on how to stay safe during your trip.

Therefore, these are some of the tips to ensure your safety as a solo female traveler on a trip;

Research about the destination

Before you even take a trip to a particular destination, do some homework/research ahead of time so as to get sufficient information about the destination you intend to visit. You can even go ahead to print or get digital guidebooks and read some travel blog of people who have even been there, to know their experiences. Through this, you will be aware of what to expect and thus be prepared.

Live and dress like a local

It’s unrealistic and inappropriate for a woman to dress whichever way she like wherever she travels, but instead blending in the community is important even if it means dressing like a local. If it requires wearing long dresses/skirts, covering hair, wearing long sleeved or loose clothes, just do it to avoid drawing attention to you and be left alone. Dine at local non-tourist restaurants, use local transports means (like Boda boda, matatu), local markets and local Cafes among others.

It’s for this reason that you need to do some research about the destination you plan to visit. Also, make sure to learn some phrases and words of the local language, especially greeting.

Avoid drinking too much alcohol

Its fine to take a couple of drinks but getting blitzed drunk while traveling alone in a foreign destination is totally a bad idea because you will be opening yourself to all sorts of problems/dangers including rape, robbery and getting lost.

Don’t overshare (avoid telling people where you are staying)

Be careful with what you share. For instance, don’t tell people where you are staying-be it a hotel or house because it’s not safe and secure to do so. You wouldn’t want someone following you, showing up at your door uninvited or even sending you unwanted gifts. If you intend to have meetings with someone, at least meet at another point or local landmark especially a restaurant. In most cases nothing happens but it’s better safe than sorry.  

Get travel insurance

I know sometimes it’s tempting to avoid extra costs such as travel insurance but it saves you a lot in the long run on theft, health emergencies and others. For instance incase everything gets stolen or when you need to go to hospital, travel insurance can cover or re-imburse the expenses abroad but if you are lucky, nothing bad happens during your trip. However, it’s better safe than sorry.

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